Only with a crossover of clinical, nutritional, epidemiological, mathematical, neuroscientific, biological, industrial design, technological and behavioural sciences we can achieve the goal of designing an effective, sustainable, motivating lifestyle intervention for Dutch older individuals. This is what makes the combination of the partners involved so valuable.

Public funding


Funder: Dutch Research Council

Academic partners

Radboud University

We want to get the best out of science, others and ourselves. Why? Because this is what the world around us desperately needs. Therefore, Radboud University started MOCIA. Within MOCIA, RU researchers in data science, neuropsychology and neuroimaging focus on predictive markers for lifestyle intervention success in aging and on the neural mechanisms.

Alzheimer Center Amsterdam – Amsterdam UMC

The mission of Alzheimer center Amsterdam is to find treatment for dementia, ultimately to prevent dementia from developing. Lifestyle modification can also help in risk reduction and prevention. MOCIA provides us with the opportunity to join the world-wide FINGER network, which has the goal to prevent cognitive decline by use of lifestyle interventions.

HAN University of Applied Sciences

HAN has defined prevention, healthy lifestyle, interdisciplinary collaboration and technology as core themes for the next few years. MOCIA, with its practical, multidisciplinary lifestyle programme with (innovative) technology support, fits perfectly within these themes. Being a university of applied sciences, the practical approach connects perfectly with HAN’s ambitions. We will contribute to translating the findings of MOCIA into improved programmes to promote healthy (brain) ageing.

Maastricht University

Lifestyle and prevention are hallmarks of Maastricht UMC+. At the Alzheimer Centrum Limburg, we do in depth research into lifestyle and brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s dementia. We apply our findings to develop new strategies to keep our brains fit until old age. MOCIA perfectly matches with these objectives.


Radboudumc wants to pioneer in the development of innovative, sustainable and affordable healthcare. Health promotion and prevention are one of our main topics. Research at the Radboudumc Alzheimer Center is guided by the idea that cognitive decline is a complex and multifactorial process. This approach fits well with the focus of MOCIA, which will use a personalised intervention that addresses multiple components of a healthy lifestyle.

University Medical Center Groningen

In our research, the determinants of active and healthy ageing are central. Health behaviors are important determinants. Within the MOCIA project, we aim to investigate the effectiveness of a multi-domain lifestyle intervention on cognitive functioning of individuals aged 60-79 years. We are especially interested in the role of physical activity and sedentary behavior on cognitive functioning.

University of Twente

Health is a core theme for the University of Twente that finds a home in its Technical Medical Centre. Our Personalized eHealth Technology research programme aims to use the advances in technology to create innovative personalized eHealth services that substantially contribute to a sustainable, efficient and effective healthcare for all citizens.

Wageningen University and Research

The mission of WUR is ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. With MOCIA, WUR embraces the potential of personalizing diet and lifestyle factors in the prevention of cognitive decline. By increasing understanding of aging-related deteriorating processes and finding ways to prevent them we hope to contribute to healthy ageing.

Co-financing partners

Alzheimer Nederland

Alzheimer Nederland’s mission is to prevent or cure dementia. Everyone wants to know how to lower the risk of dementia and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are a partner in this research project to disseminate the results to a large audience.

Danone Nutricia Research

We are convinced that nutrition is a powerful tool to support our health. The MOCIA project with the FINGER-NL clinical trial, is a great example of an innovative collaboration with a focus on healthy aging. Through collaborative research, we are committed to gaining a better understanding of how nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle contributes to the maintenance of a healthy brain.


At dsm-firmenich, we have a deep understanding of the nutritional needs of people at every stage of their lives. We develop science-backed products with purpose, to keep the world’s growing population healthy. This is why we decided to participate in the MOCIA project and contribute to solutions to prevent cognitive decline.


The Brain Foundation Netherlands aims to prevent, reduce and stop the burden caused by brain diseases. We know a healthy lifestyle is essential for a healthy brain. The MOCIA-project contributes to our understanding of the working mechanisms of a lifestyle intervention to prevent cognitive decline. By this, we can offer people fitting interventions to maintain their brain health.

OnePlanet Research Center

OnePlanet Research Center develops (digital) technological innovations around, amongst others, food & health for early diagnostics and preventive health. Research within MOCIA on lifestyle and healthy ageing fits perfectly here. OnePlanet can help to develop results in applications.


The MOCIA project will provide an important opportunity to advance current knowledge on both the prediction and prevention of cognitive decline in older adults.


Salut’s mission is to extend the lifespan of Dutch citizens experienced in good health by 5 years. We believe healthy lifestyle is the key to realizing this ambition. MOCIA allows us to cooperate with top partners in examining the relation between lifestyle and health, and stimulating people to apply these insights in practice

Project management

Next Food Collective

Next Food Collective manages large public-private research programs for the food industry. Our experience helps to collaborate effectively. We make sure all partners get the anticipates results they expected. The MOCIA project for us is a chance to make new partners enthusiastic for our way of working together and to expand our network.

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