MOCIA @ Future of the Mind Symposium

May 2, 2024

Last week, Radboud Healthy Brain organised ‘The Future of the Mind’ symposium, showing relevant societal contributions at the intersection of brain and cognition, public policy and digital technology.

During the lunch break, Esther Aarts and Yolanda Kooijmans presented the MOCIA project. In our MOCIA programme we ask ourselves the following questions, divided into different work packages.
WP1: Is a multidomain lifestyle intervention effective in Dutch older adults?
WP2: How to deal with heterogeneity in the intervention response?
WP3: What are the underlying gut-brain mechanisms?
WP4: How can we use eHealth tooling to support people in sustaining their lifestyle change?

These questions lead to our ultimate goal: to develop a personalised lifestyle intervention for maintaining optimal cognitive function in ageing.

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